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    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication Studies

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    Enrique Mallen, Sam Houston State University

    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia


  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Brands

    Celebrity endorsement is one of the leading marketing techniques today, celebrities’ pictures are being printed on millions of products and advertisements. This printings are attracting a great amount of consumers to purchase or stop by to learn more information about the brand. This research will talk about the relationship between celebrities and brands and the effects of celebrity endorsement; it explains how brands can choose the most suitable celebrity to endorse their products. This research combines text analysis and data analysis. A survey faces the target crowds and gathers data that help to create a more direct and actual analysis. The result indicates that celebrities can have significant effects on products and brands. Brands should find the most ideal celebrity endorsing by considering their style and backgrounds. This research can help brands to target suitable endorser and compress companies’ waste. Thus, it is meaningful for the development of marketing and economy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Two-faced Possibility of Sight and Words: Eurydice from the Perspective of Modern Dramatic Monologue

    The common ways of interpreting and re-telling the myth of the Thracian musician Orpheus and his bride Eurydice are similar to the traditional way of narrating the myth: starting with Orpheus and emphasising Orpheus’s unilateral output of “love” and the tragic nature of their destiny. This article selects Eurydice to Orpheus by Robert Browning and Eurydice Saved by Linda Gregg as examples in modern poetry to explore how the legacy and reflection of classical interpretations, such as the tradition of faith in the validity and reliability of Orpheus’ love, are portrayed from Eurydice’s point of view. The emotional tendencies presented in these two poems are different, but they still have significant ideas in common when it comes to the fact that a visual regime has been established in the relationship between Eurydice and Orpheus. Orpheus can only empower their love by “looking” and losing. This indicates his role as the dominant one while Eurydice is given the status of the object being looked at and shaped.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Comparison of the Differences in Face Perceptions Between China and the West

    The current review aims to investigate the differences between the views of face in China and Western countries in the theoretical and practical aspects and demonstrate external manifestations of cross-cultural conflict. The study started by bringing in theories about ‘face’, involved comparing views from different researchers, and listed out some specific daily activities to illustrate how the face issue works in diverse countries. Significant differences were discovered in the views of ‘face’ in various cultures, and the gap was found to be more obvious in the activities in people’s daily lives than in theories, which leads people to treat things and act differently. Although more research is needed to identify the differences in nature and birth of theories, findings suggest a need to pay attention to these differences and how to use them to show respect for people from China or other Western countries in intercultural communication.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Gender Inversion Phenomenon in the Internet and Social Media

    From the past to 2023, an interesting phenomenon has emerged where some users on social media platforms set their gender to the opposite of their actual gender. The development of society, job pressures, gender conflicts, and other factors have contributed to the various reasons behind gender inversion. This paper aims to investigate the reasons behind this phenomenon and explore the reflection of this social issue of gender inversion in social media software, as well as its manifestations in work demands and gender discrimination. This paper conducts a questionnaire survey to investigate the characteristics of individuals who have engaged in gender reversal behavior. The survey included questions about their age, education level, and frequency of internet use, among other factors. In addition, the survey also examined the reasons behind the gender reversal behavior in this group. The results showed that privacy protection, unfair treatment, and work requirements were three significant reasons. Furthermore, this study will provide strategies for internet platforms to improve user privacy issues.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Existing and Potential Causes of Perfectionism

    Perfectionism significantly contributes to the development of mental disorders. To implement timely intervention and prevention, it is necessary to further understand the causes of perfectionism. Although previous studies have identified certain causes of perfectionism, with the rapid development of modern society and the influence of significant events, there will be more potential causes in the future. Therefore, this paper aims to summarize and analyze the existing causes of perfectionism through a literature review, and also predict the factors that may become potential causes of perfectionism in the future. The main factors identified in this article involved in the cause of perfectionism are parenting style, personality and culture. On this basis, this paper suggests that in the future, due to the influence of technological advancements, the potential causes may include social media, artificial intelligence and remote education. In addition, given the prevalence of mask wearing in certain regions during the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the post-pandemic era, masks should also be taken into account when discussing potential causes of perfectionism in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    The Rewriting of Eileen Chang’s Female Characters and Its Significance in the Film Love After Love

    In November 2021, the film Love After Love, based on Eileen Chang’s short story Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier, was released, sparking widespread attention and controversy. Using the basic method of textual close reading, this paper compares and analyses the source text produced by Eileen Chang with the film text collectively interpreted by the film’s screenwriter and director to discover the rewritings and changes in the image of her female characters from the short story to the film, and to interpret such rewritings in the theoretical field of feminist literary criticism, in order to answer the question of how Eileen Chang’s portrayal of women can be adapted to and inspires the contemporary cultural context of China in the adaptation of contemporary creators. The film liberates the female characters in Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier from the anxiety and pain of lack of desire and self-suppression and also gives them the possibility of reclaiming their dignity and selves, which, on the one hand, is adapted to the cultural context of the increasing call for women’s emancipation in contemporary China, but on the other hand, it has not yet escaped from the phenomenon of masculine writing that has been prevalent in the Chinese cultural context since the beginning of the twentieth century.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    How Translations of Ancient Texts Enables or Prevents Understanding: A Case Study of Translations of Daodejing

    Given that the vast majority of readers cannot read an ancient text in its original language, translations may be their only source of understanding the meanings of the texts. While letting readers steal glances at the beauty of ancient knowledge, sometimes translations in fact prevent readers from interpreting the text correctly. This paper discusses a case of three different translations of Daodejing in detail. Based on a theoretical framework of the “correct” or “proper” interpretation of the text, the translations are evaluated accordingly. Two conclusions are drawn from a detailed etymological study that give rise to the best translation of the three. Firstly, interpreting the text in its original cultural context automatically prefers some modern interpretations over the others. Secondly, the problem is not limited to Daodejing. Many similar situations have been documented, and a potential systematic solution has recently been found.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Analysing Virginia Woolf's the Mark on the Wall from an Existentialist Perspective

    During the world wars, people experienced harsh realities and had no recourse. Traditional values were no longer suitable for the post-war world, but they could not find a new standard of living and suffered a crisis of identity. Given this background, both the existentialist thought of the philosophical world and the literary realm coincidentally turned to exploring the survival state of humankind. As a pioneering writer, Virginia Woolf had a meticulous portrayal and profound thinking about the spiritual state of human beings in the post-war period. The academic research on Woolf's works has mostly explored from the perspectives of feminism, epiphanic moments and narrative style of stream of consciousness, but less from the existentialist viewpoint. However, many of Woolf's works have different methods, leading to the same result with Existentialism. Therefore, this paper tries to analyse the existentialist tendency in Woolf's first stream-of-consciousness short story, The Mark on the Wall, with the theories of Jean-Paul Sartre and Martin Heidegger, the representative figures of Existentialism. The work shows the absurdity of the world and people's despair. The stream-of-consciousness narrative mingles the past, present and future, breaking the linear concept of time. It elaborates that people are free to exist but always face the constraints of established rules and conflicts with others, which coincides with Existentialism. In addition, Heidegger's view of the initiative of things is also reflected in the narrative way of constructing the protagonist's identity by depicting a series of objects in the piece.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Amplifying NGO Messages with Critical Incidents: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of New Media Disruption and Legacy Media in Journalism

    This paper explores the use of traditional and new media by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for effective communication. It argues that NGOs should leverage different media forms based on specific circumstances. The paper discusses Farm Radio International’s use of radio and mobile phones to engage farmers in dialogue, empowering them to voice their concerns. It also highlights the #blogladesh campaign, where mommy bloggers were utilized to raise awareness of women’s and children’s health issues. By using traditional media, NGOs can reach a wider audience, particularly in marginalized communities. New media, on the other hand, offers personalized and interactive communication. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each media form enables NGOs to effectively convey their messages, enhance communication effectiveness, and achieve their mission and goals.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Language Usages in Ted Hughes’ Animal Poetry

    Ted hughes is a British writer and poet laureate of the 20th century, who is famous for writing animal poetry based on his meticulous observation on animals since childhood. Poetry in hughes’ eyes is as an organic whole, which is just like the animals, or even beyond animals, and become a more eternal art that can be created by words. Ted Hughes is well versed in the use of language in his works. He advocates the accuracy of words in his animal poetry, because the right words can best convey the meaning; he advocates the unique use of grammar, which could give the seemingly thin text the power to travel through time and space; he advocates the musicality of animal poetry, because the aesthetic of rhyme can evoke the resonance of the reader’s multiple senses. Therefore, this article will focus on a few of Ted Hughes’ Animal poetry to analyze his unique writing style and intentions from the perspective of language usages.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    The Transition of Film Noir into a Genre of Crime Cinema

    Some have underrated Film Noir due to some misconception that it is solely limited to black-and-white imagery. However, it encompasses much more than that. It supports an aesthetic and serves as a foundational pillar for crime cinema. This paper will use formal techniques such as diegesis, montage, mise-en-scène, camera angle, and camera movement to analyze two scenes from crime cinema. One example is The Naked City, a quintessential Film Noir that employs chiaroscuro lighting to accentuate the criminal narrative. Another illustrative instance is The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. The argument surrounding Film Noir and crime cinema reveals different depictions of geographical space, yet they share similarities in their representations of themes, including war trauma, masculinity, and class. The Naked City employs a straightforward approach to represent its unique landscape, effectively connecting external and internal spaces. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three uses transportation and currency symbols to establish distinct space connections. Both films, produced in the post-war era, allow for allegorical exploration of auteurs’ imagination and re-imagination through cinematic elements. These elements ambiguously craft narratives that intricately blend aesthetics and ideology. In this case, the transition of Film Noir into the realm of crime cinema influences the development of modern cinema.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    “Outdoor Game”: The Invention of Boundary in Robert Frost’s Poetry

    Being one of the most renowned American poets, Robert Frost has paid much attention to the interplay between humans and nature, and this interplay usually takes place at a boundary – a wall, a fence, or a house. To examine the human-nature relationship and respond to the existing studies, the article delves into the theme of boundary in Frost’s poetry through close reading of Frost’s poems, interviews, and notes. Because of the development of natural science in Frost’s time, the image of landscape undergoes metamorphosis, switching from a mirroring of the human spirit to a living entity with agency. Therefore, nature is depicted as a counterpart of human beings with an attempt to cross over limits. Nevertheless, Frost emphasizes on coexistence and interdependence between two realms by deliberately leaving the boundary unsettled. Moreover, figures in Frost’s poetry bear two opposite impulses: to destroy and recreate limits, which reveals the floating and playful nature of boundaries; in this regard, the images of houses, walls, and fences are a metaphor for the contradictory human attributes. The article further argues that the feeling of limits reappears in poems displaying emptiness. In Frost’s poetry, a boundary is regarded as a protection both physically and mentally, yet it fails in a state of consolation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    From Production to Viewing: The Presentation of Female Subjectivity in “Siren: Survive the Island”

    As cultural products, female variety shows have the potential to challenge gender norms and promote gender equality. This study adopts feminist theory, social gender theory, especially the relevant content of postmodern feminist theory and audience usage and satisfaction theories. It closely reads the text of the Korean variety show “Siren: Survive the Island”. Considering the rise of streaming media and the promotion effect of the feminist movement on the production of such programs, this study focuses on the two levels of program creation and audience reception. It discusses how programs give women the right to speak in creation and how to break away from the male-centered discourse system. In the description of the identity of the contestants, the program selects powerful women who are difficult to become absolute protagonists in the past as narrative subjects so that women can jump out of the traditional society’s expectations of their identity. On the body’s performance, the show presents the contestants’ body from an equal and objective perspective, conveying a positive body concept. At the same time, the show largely meets the needs of modern audiences and inspires audiences’ consensus on female subjectivity and gender equality. This study aims to combine theory and practice, provide strategies for subsequent works, promote producers’ and audiences’ cognition of female subjectivity, call for a more open and inclusive environment, and promote further thinking and development on gender issues in the real society.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    A Study of Online Consumerism Trap among Youngers in the Context of Behavioral Economics

    The consumerism trap is a phenomenon where individuals fall into a state of unlimited pursuit of materialism with over-consumption. Merchants often use invisible marketing tactics in selling goods to encourage consumers to consume impulsively and to buy some unwanted products. By reading books and academic journals and conducting online and on-site surveys, this paper investigated the main reasons that lead teens to fall into the trap of consumerism. With documentary analysis, quantitative research and statistical analysis, this paper explores the causes and solutions of the consumerism trap among youngsters in Xicheng District and Haidian District of Beijing, and also provides readers with an understanding and application of herding effect, mere exposure effect and psychological account related to behavioral economics. This paper hopes that this research can help guide teenagers to be alert to the pitfalls of consumerism and consume rationally.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Exploring Purchase Preferences of Chinese Gen Z Fans for Human and Virtual Idols on TikTok

    This paper examines the purchasing preferences of Chinese Generation Z fans for human and virtual idols on TikTok. It explores how social media companies leverage fan creativity and algorithmic recommendations to drive product sales and foster industry growth. The paper illustrates fans’ purchasing desires and analyzes their purchasing behaviors on social media platforms. Through survey data (139 valid questionnaires), the paper assesses user stickiness, content identification, and the variations in purchasing power and product preferences between fans of human and virtual idols. The findings reveal four key insights. 1. There are distinct purchasing preferences between fans of human idols and virtual idols, as human idol fans tend to favor practical items; virtual idol fans show a keen interest in limited collections and online/offline experiences. 2. Virtual idol fans exhibit stronger user loyalty and emotional connection than their human idol counterparts. 3. Virtual idol fans display less rational behavior and possess higher purchasing power for idol-related products. 4. The paper suggests different marketing strategies to target these two groups effectively. The paper provides research methods, experimental results, data analysis, and implications for marketing strategies and fan engagement.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    The Present Situations and Challenges of Culture and Art Management in the Intelligent Era

    Artificial intelligence technology’s quick development has had a significant impact on social and cultural life. Strengthening the management of culture and art is a crucial undertaking because it is a key component of the cultural industry’s production process. The traditional culture and art market has evolved as a result of intelligent production, dissemination, and management methods, necessitating managers’ adaptation to the new model and requirements. Starting from how the intelligent era affects culture and art management, this paper analyses and researches the current situation and challenges facing culture and art management in the intelligent era, and then discusses what managers should do in the intelligent era.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    A Study of the Correlation Between MBTI and Social Media ‘Food’ Recommendations

    With the booming of social media, diverse and accurate user figures can significantly improve personalized experiences in industrial applications like advertisements and recommender systems. Meanwhile, deep learning is widely used in user tag construction, which means mining labels with practical significance through historical interaction behavior. For instance, clicking on advertisements and conversions can express the tags of users’ interests and intentions. The construction of accurate user figures is difficult, the potential of existing modal data has been plumbed, and the challenge is the need for further features. Then, optimizing recommender systems’ accuracy through diverse methods becomes the key to the sustainable development of each social media platform. Recently, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test results become a highly discussed topic in the mass media, and enough samples have been accumulated to confirm its scientific validity. Indeed, MBTI results strongly correlate with personal habits and preferences, which the recommender system of social media has not fully applied. Therefore, this paper has researched optimizing the recommender system of social media platform content based on MBTI results, which mainly focus on the food topic of the RED app. The following has adopted the questionnaire as the primary research method, supplemented by the literature review and observation method. The research concluded that different MBTI have different dining habits and preferences. As preliminary research of relevance, the value of this discovery can help develop accurate user profiles and optimize the quality of content recommendations.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    Analysis of Tiktok’s E-commerce Model in Overseas Markets

    With the rapid popularization of the modern internet, the market has rapidly explored the commercial value of social media. Although social e-commerce is now standard and dynamic on different social media outlets, there was rarely an influential and rapidly growing e-commerce group or platform for a long time in the past until TikTok shop accompanied the emergence of TikTok. Compared with most new media e-commerce platforms, TikTok shop is an official e-commerce platform more closely attached to TikTok social software. To explore why TikTok’s new media e-commerce model can develop rapidly, analyze the advantages of TikTok in various process steps and collect and analyze relevant merchant data and user data to prove it. The study found that the reasons for the rapid development of TikTok shops are as follows: 1) TikTok stores use specific user groups as potential customers, promote products that these groups are more interested in, and vigorously cultivate sales blogs that promote products; 2) Unlike most new media e-commerce, in the TikTok e-commerce model, sales bloggers and TikTok also have considerable benefits, forming a multi-party win-win situation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    The Romantic Style of P. B. Shelley’ s Poetry

    Shelley’ s poetry is rich and varied, harmonious in tone, delicate in feeling and expansive in artistic conception, which pushed the British romantic poetry to the peak. Shelley had a very high talent, received a good education since childhood, coupled with diligent thinking, and has twists and turns of life experience, so his works all reflect the pursuit of the truth of the strong philosophical mood. This article mainly focuses on two of Shelley’ s poems to analyze the romantic style of his poems from the image and theme. Shelley, as a political poet and lyric poet, expressed his poetic aesthetics very clearly. He endowed poets with a lofty mission, believing that they shoulder the dual mission of social revolution and artistic innovation. Of course, Shelley believes that this dual mission is realized in the poet’ s creative artistic imagination. Therefore, in Shelley’ s view, the real “imaginary expression” of poetry should have a spiritual inspiration and aesthetic influence. It can be said that Shelley’ s poetry aesthetics not only clearly reflects the characteristics of his changing era, but also illustrates his romantic aesthetic stance. Shelley’ s aesthetic thoughts of poetry are enlightening for people to better appreciate and understand his poems.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-12-07 Doi:

    An Ecofeminist Analysis of Nature Imagery in Sylvia Plath’s Ariel

    Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, characterized by dark themes, idiosyncratic imagery, and raw emotional intensity, holds an enduring fascination for readers and critics alike. While much scholarship has examined this collection through a psychoanalytic or biographical lens, this research seeks to uncover an underexplored dimension of Ariel — its ecofeminist undertones. The abundant nature imagery provides a particularly rich source for the investigation of her pre-ecofeminist consciousness. This research adopts a mixed-methods design that combines a corpus-based approach with an in-depth analysis of representative imagery. Excel-based calculation results show that the relatively large presence of nature imagery infuses Ariel with a riveting, dreamy atmosphere. The textual analysis further reveals that Plath’s subtle interweaving of the female experience and the natural world resonates with ecofeminist notions of patriarchal oppression and mutual liberation. By unearthing the ecofeminist dimensions of Ariel, this research aims to provide fresh insights into this masterpiece while shedding light on the richness and complexity of Plath’s thematic concerns and poetic expression.

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